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Carpool Permits

Carpooling is a wonderful way to alleviate traffic and help reduce pollution on and around the Texas State campus. Texas State supports carpooling for students, faculty, and staff; to promote this effort, Parking Services provides carpooling permits and a carpool matching system.

What is a Carpool?

A carpool is when at least two people who live off-campus ride together in the same vehicle to the San Marcos campus. A carpool consists of both riders and drivers. A carpool group must complete the carpool application with each driver, rider and car in the group.


  • Will use their car at some time to drive the carpool group to campus.
  • Must purchase and display a standard non-residential Texas State parking permit (red, purple, commuter green)
  • Register their car as a carpool vehicle and display the additional carpool permit when driving the carpool group


  • Will not be using their vehicle to transport the carpool group to campus.

Carpool Parking

There are several areas designated on campus for carpools. They are located in the James Street Lot (CP12), and Sewell North (CP14). 

Carpool Matching Program

Use the My Commute Solutions carpool matching program to find other Bobcats to carpool with!