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Motorcycle Permits

Students bringing a motorcycle to campus will need to purchase a Motorcycle Permit.

All students are required to register with Parking Services any vehicle they drive and park on campus and purchase the appropriate color parking permit. Parking rules are enforced every day of the year. Please read our full Rules and Regulations for all the details.

How much does it cost?

The Motorcycle Permit costs $115 and is valid for the full year. If you wait to bring your motorcycle to campus until the spring or summer sessions, the cost to purchase a permit will be prorated.

You may receive a discount on your Motorcycle Permit if it is purchased with or after a vehicle permit

Where can I park?

All motorcycle spaces are considered “All-Zone” and may park in any motorcycle parking regardless of the lot or garage designation, unless otherwise designated with a sign or pavement marking.

Motorcycles may not park in car spaces, and four-wheeled vehicles may not park in MC spaces.